Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Read My Blog, My Mom Says It's Really Good

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about this blog.  And by that I mean my Mom keeps telling me it's really good.

Of course, just because she's my biggest fan doesn't mean she's my only one.  I do get a lot of encouraging comments from friends and fans who read it.  None of them ever write anything in the comments section of the blog, but TRUST ME they are real people. 

Since I've started writing this blog it has gotten more than 1,200 page views.  To put that in perspective, that's as many views as a video of a cat playing pick-a-boo will get on Youtube in 83 seconds.  With this kind of following it's a mystery that I haven't been offered the head writer job of my own sitcom already.  I'm sure I will get a phone call any day now with that offer, but until I do I promise I will keep up with the demand from both of the people who have signed up as regular followers of this blog.

To be honest I never have considered myself a good writer.  I've always felt I can write a decent joke, but when it comes to a professional publication I fit in as well as Shakespeare would writing dialog for Wrestlemania. 

Ernest Hemingway said writing a novel is one of four things a man must do in his life to prove his manhood.  If that's true I might as well hang up my testicles now.  I have a better chance at fighting a bull (one of the other four things Hemingway mentioned.)  Still, if a million monkeys sitting at typewriters can eventually write the next great novel, a stand-up comedian with too much free time should eventually be able to produce a decent blog.

As I've mentioned before, my parents are the ones who encouraged me to pursue stand-up comedy.  After realizing how little money I make doing that they've turned their attention to this blog as a potential career path.  Lately they've been encouraging me to see if I can use it as a launching point to get a regular humor column in a newspaper or magazine much like Dave Barry and Patrick McManus.

I have no idea how you would get a job like that, but I'm sure it doesn't include the phrase: "Read my blog.  My Mom says it's really good."

Odds are, if you are reading this then you've probably seen me perform stand-up comedy and picked up my promo card after the show.  If so, thanks for the support.  Please tell a friend.

It's my understanding that if enough people start reading this blog on a regular basis then eventually I can make some money with ads through blogspot.  I don't imagine it's a lot of money, but speaking as a road comic who just spent three days living on Hot Pockets, I could use the cash. 

Some people have turned their blog into a big money maker.  Comedian and expert story teller Mike Birbiglia has tens of thousands of followers on his blog: "My Secret Public Journal."  He has been able to use that following to get a regular spot on a national radio program and produced two comedy albums telling stories straight from his blog. 

The twitter feed "Shit My Dad Says" gained over 3 million viewers and eventually lead to an ill fated sitcom on CBS.  Sure no one remembers it, but at least it was better than that Geico Caveman show. 

I would be greatly surprised if I ever make money as a writer.  To me this blog is just a fun thing to do and share with some friends and fans.  Of course there was a time when I never thought I would make a career out of stand-up comedy.  And now I make enough take-home to place me just above the poverty line.  That's a lot better than most comics and writers can say...